Month: December 2014

New Book Out!

I truly believe through my own experiences and experimentation is that no one diet fits all and each of us, as a unique individual, should find their own way towards healthy eating lifestyle and foods that suit us best. To be continued…  CLICK ON… Continue Reading “New Book Out!”

New Moon Ritual

New Dark Moon energy is delicious to me, it is gentle and soothing, very introspective, reflective of the past and looking towards the future. There is hope and enthusiasm about it, quiet contemplation of what gifts are awaiting us all and enthusiasm for new… Continue Reading “New Moon Ritual”

Winter Solstice Walk

    As I walk through nature on the eve of Winter Solstice I feel the pulling and pushing, defending and releasing. There’s a real fight going on between life and death, darkness and light. All is not calm, all is not settled in the… Continue Reading “Winter Solstice Walk”

Archetypes and Tarot

Archetypes are energies, which flow and become present through the channel of collective unconscious. They are energies, which enter into our experiences to give us clues to who we are in a multidensional sense and what aspect of ourselves needs attention. It is often… Continue Reading “Archetypes and Tarot”

Self-love is NOT bad

We hear about self-love more and more these days in a sense that one must give oneself love in order to be able to give out into the world. There is a strong dissonance of energy between giving and receiving in the world generally.… Continue Reading “Self-love is NOT bad”