Month: February 2015

Goddess Retrieval – perfect time to reconnect to the Divine feminine within

~~ Hello magical beings, are you ready to reconnect to the Goddess within you? ~~  I follow the Wheel of the Year in my nature-based spiritual practice and it is such a joyous and beautiful way of tuning into specific special energies around us… Continue Reading “Goddess Retrieval – perfect time to reconnect to the Divine feminine within”

Intuitive Magic Class

Intuitive Magic Class Would you like to tap into your own sacred intuitive knowledge of the soul? Would you like to live your life in a magical, unique and meaningful way? Do you feel you have a lot of choices and directions, but not… Continue Reading “Intuitive Magic Class”

Romancing with a Tree

I go on walks often, sometimes I am called if there is a message for me to receive or a scar to attend to. Other times I feel my heart bursting with such gratitude I am in need of a walk in order to… Continue Reading “Romancing with a Tree”

Nature-based Spirituality Online Classes

 Reviews: ‘Left me wanting for MORE…’ ‘I love EVERYTHING you do. You are a blessing!’ ‘The class was very informational, and presented VERY WELL. I absolutely loved it.’ ‘I felt encouraged, inspired and guided’ ‘I would have paid even MORE for it…’ ‘Awesome experience, MAGIC…’ ‘Easy… Continue Reading “Nature-based Spirituality Online Classes”

Intuitive guidance ignored = Self-abandonment

We hear about self-love more and more these days in a sense that one must give oneself love in order to be able to give out into the world. There is a strong dissonance of energy between giving and receiving in the world generally.… Continue Reading “Intuitive guidance ignored = Self-abandonment”