Month: March 2015

My woodland encounter with Deer Totem animal

Deer Totem animal. Vibrations of the Earth and trees like a lullaby to my soul… I was called to drive to a particular place this morning, a woodland I once encountered on a very busy day, which didn’t allow me to experience it fully at… Continue Reading “My woodland encounter with Deer Totem animal”

New class coming soon – PMS and soul online class

PMS and Soul online Class The Sacred Flow explore relationship between premenstrual syndrome and spirituality  Register your interest HERE by providing your email address

Ostara 2015 build up and release (Spring Equinox experience)

Blessed Ostara 2015! I am currently feeling like jelly, floating through the air of uncertainty and peace. It is a pleasant experience of letting go, releasing and embracing whatever comes. The night before Solar eclipse, New Moon and Spring Equinox was intense, I tell… Continue Reading “Ostara 2015 build up and release (Spring Equinox experience)”

50 Affirmations for every day

Find your vibrant centre and create wholeness in your life Let go off what you fear of losing If you make peace with what’s inside, the outside won’t matter as much Listen to your heart and the mind will soften You ARE important Love yourself… Continue Reading “50 Affirmations for every day”

Ever in doubt… Ask a tree (intuitive magical living)

Do you ever go to the woods to confirm something? I do regularly and I highly recommend this type of intuitive communication to ground emotions and get a perspective on whatever is coming up for you that day.  This morning I am filled with… Continue Reading “Ever in doubt… Ask a tree (intuitive magical living)”