Month: May 2015

My woodland encounter with Deer Totem animal

Originally posted on N. V. Clarke:
Deer Totem animal. Vibrations of the Earth and trees like a lullaby to my soul… I was called to drive to a particular place this morning, a woodland I once encountered on a very busy day, which didn’t allow…

Dreams and Knowing yourself

Dream offer very rich material to us in terms of what we need to integrate, embrace, celebrate and learn about ourselves. Dreams are great tools in our quest for self-realisation, for individuation. If one is fully conscious of dreams’ potentialities and possibilities, one will… Continue Reading “Dreams and Knowing yourself”

Magic Book covers, leaflets, prints, posters made to order

As part of my Etsy shop or as individual commissions, which I acquire through word-of-mouth, I offer to create simple and elegant covers, posters, prints for people in all fields. My work is quick, simple and effective in promoting any items, courses, events that… Continue Reading “Magic Book covers, leaflets, prints, posters made to order”

Beltane – dancing in the shadows

Shadow work at Beltane Today, despite making a few plans to celebrate Beltane, I am in bed, in a bit of pain with hot/cold vibrations running through my body. Not good, you might think, but I decide to delve further into why I am NOT… Continue Reading “Beltane – dancing in the shadows”