Month: July 2015

Isle of Skye, Highlands, Scotland – the land of consciousness expansion

My process of diving deep, my journey through dreams and conscious expansion and alchemical transformation took place here this year, on the Isle of Skye, Scotland. The land lies still in the deep knowing of its majesty. It is rough, wise, ragged, stunningly beautiful,… Continue Reading “Isle of Skye, Highlands, Scotland – the land of consciousness expansion”

Candle and Oil Magic e-course

New short e-course coming up shortly specifically focusing on using candles and oils in magic workings, rituals and spells. concise introduction for beginners easy to follow and understand easy to use and refer to information Includes: candle colours and associations dressing candles moon cycles… Continue Reading “Candle and Oil Magic e-course”

Earth and Water as perfect companions

Rebalancing code Water/Earth pictures taken this morning with my Blue Lace Agate crystal (more below)    I have been noticing how I don’t naturally flow in the hot weather in terms of creativity or high energy. I crave shade and a cool breeze and… Continue Reading “Earth and Water as perfect companions”

It is Summer… musings on the weather, the land and Earth’s abundance

It is summer, post Litha, Summer Solstice a surge of continuous energy is very welcomed. I feel on an equal flow with the universal intentions and designs and find throwing myself into all things home, family, finances, creating and inventing new ways of improving… Continue Reading “It is Summer… musings on the weather, the land and Earth’s abundance”