Month: August 2015

Natalia Clarke Integrative Transpersonal Psychotherapy sessions, UK

For my UK friends, colleagues and anyone interested, spread the word CONTACT ME HERE 

How things can fall into place

Looking for a new perspective, for a way to move forward, for a way out… Things can fall into place in many different ways: through being patient through energies aligning fully with your vibration of need and desire through creating an opening for something… Continue Reading “How things can fall into place”

Stonehenge experience 2015

I am a bit late with this post, but couldn’t not share it, so here it is. This year was the first time I visited the sacred site of Stonehenge. First I visited with my boys and it had a profound effect on me… Continue Reading “Stonehenge experience 2015”

Lammas Full Moon magic 2015

What is Magic? It is a state of being when one is in alignment with the universal energies and able to focus their intention on bringing the energies together to manifest what is needed and desired. It is manipulation of energies and the ability… Continue Reading “Lammas Full Moon magic 2015”