Month: January 2016

Imbolc – the stirring of the Earth

The Feminine stirs gently stretching towards the potential light underneath warm layers of soil. With my body I feel the nourishment, with my limbs I predict movement that will propel my body into creating energy by walking, in my skin I know and cherish… Continue Reading “Imbolc – the stirring of the Earth”

The King returns

Originally posted on N. V. Clarke:
January – the month of masculine energy. Towards the end of December after The Winter Solstice every year I find myself full of ideas and overflowing with creativity. My strong focus and energy around that time is directed…

Winter and the 6th plane of consciousness

Winter is the perfect time to get in touch with the plane of consciousness most often characterised by its purity and magic ghost-like appearance, which stops us breathing in the moment we get in touch with it. We become the sky, the clouds and… Continue Reading “Winter and the 6th plane of consciousness”

Business success and prosperity Spell

To reinforce my increasing Fire energy of productivity this month (read my post on Fire element and productivity HERE), which is usually the case on a yearly basis, this morning I am drawn to doing a Success, Business spell. I feel that warm fire… Continue Reading “Business success and prosperity Spell”

FIRE element and productivity

How to become more focused, driven, motivated and goal-oriented for whatever task you are seeking to engage with and complete? It is often quite a difficult alchemical process for so many of us to access that ‘get go’ feeling, to motivate yourself into doing… Continue Reading “FIRE element and productivity”