Month: February 2016


        In the stillness of the morning Soul bird awakes Soft and gentle cooling glow Penetrates the Earth Breathing skin drinks in the magic Of the gentle touch Of the morning Sun and dew Slithering on us Arms are stretched and… Continue Reading “Morning”

Frozen. Mindful healing in nature 

  Frozen in the Earth plane consciousness has been my state since yesterday. Whenever we come up against obstacles and limitations in our daily reality our mind comes forward with thought processes that are not helpful. It manifests in a way of blocking some… Continue Reading “Frozen. Mindful healing in nature “

Transitioning into the ‘homeland’

Do you notice or aware of things, places and people that feel like home? I think ‘home’ is such a unique signature that aligns fully with what the universe and spirit wishes for us to go back to, find our way to. It is… Continue Reading “Transitioning into the ‘homeland’”

Befriending the beast within – shadow work

At times it feels like a rising shadow within will threaten your survival. It feels overwhelmingly painful and terrifying. I often either leave my body or become numb and disorientated. Shadow has many layers. Just when  we think we worked through some dark material… Continue Reading “Befriending the beast within – shadow work”

Crying in the soul 

   What is the use of the heart that is weighed down with screeching demons Hush hush I say But it doesn’t soothe All fine I say Oh how can it be The waves of grief The screams of guilt Do not match the… Continue Reading “Crying in the soul “