Month: June 2016

Synchronicities awareness – journey back in time

My journey through synchronicities today led me to a more clarified state of mind and emotions, which then subsequently led towards knowledge of what is needed to be in place and a clearer sense of direction. ‘I get it’, I heard myself say today… Continue Reading “Synchronicities awareness – journey back in time”

I love today

My heart beats with warmth and love today. There is a dizzy feeling of comforting intoxication. I like many things today. I appreciate many things today within and without and it feels contained and safe. Today I am in love with the process of… Continue Reading “I love today”

Restoring inner peace 

When you are thrown off course by outside circumstances and you didn’t see it coming it is a sign you left your centre unattended. When things happen you didn’t expect to happen you feel out of control desperately trying to gain control and attaching… Continue Reading “Restoring inner peace “

June – my yearly spiritual journey begins

June – the month of spiritual opening I have been consciously observing my relationship with each season and Sabbatt over the last two years, as part of me growing deeper into my spirituality. Following each month with awareness of energies, shifts, difficulties, preferences  I… Continue Reading “June – my yearly spiritual journey begins”

Naming Trees

Sharing some wonderful pictures taken by tree lovers in the UK     Mystique encounters     Medusa    Young brothers     Midsummer Fairytale     Emerald depths    The Oak and the Birch – the sacred marriage     Standing tall