Month: September 2016

The Land’s calling

It is the time of my soul’s bleeding with deep connection to the land, which is calling again and again. It is such a powerful pull that it feels painful and pleasurable at the same time. It is a deep yearning within me that calls… Continue Reading “The Land’s calling”

Shedding with the season 

 As I pull out remaining weeds and dried out reminder of flowers and vegetables once blooming on my allotment I reflect on the play between holding on and letting go. Weeds are still green with roots deep in the soil resist my pull and… Continue Reading “Shedding with the season “

Scattered self and working with the Horned God

Do you sometimes feel like you are fragmented into little pieces, which split off from your centre and you find yourself unbalanced in all areas of your life – relationships, finances, health. Fun also seems to be missing during this time and any attempt… Continue Reading “Scattered self and working with the Horned God”

The season of transitions

Autumn is the time when summer lingers still not wanting to let go, but carrying a deep knowing that it must surrender its hot days and green armor at the same time. As winter often fearful of leaving, like an ice princess it perseveres… Continue Reading “The season of transitions”

A Soul’s journey through the seasons workshop

I am excited to offer a 2-day workshop in London, UK exploring creatively our relationship with the four seasons. Sign up details below