Month: October 2017


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?? Let’s talk about detachment – a process of letting go off something or someone you previously imagined simply impossible to let go off for the fear of disappearing into oblivion. Possession and control are not heart centred,…

Samhain walk 

Originally posted on N. V. Clarke:

At the door of Samhain

At the door of Samhain what often becomes open to us are our own abilities, gifts and things that we had always known but haven’t utilised or engaged with either recently or ever. It is a magical time when we naturally align with what… Continue Reading “At the door of Samhain”

Healing Earth

Today I took my sobbing heart to dig some earth With each forward motion I felt my pain release into her rich and warm body I played and felt and digged and squashed the black softness of her flesh in my hands I caught… Continue Reading “Healing Earth”

Coming back to yourself – identity and spirit

As a psychotherapist and a transpersonal approach practitioner the aim of my work with clients is to facilitate making ‘whole’ and help clients get back to themselves, get back ‘home’. This time of year brings me closer to my roots, to my ancestors of… Continue Reading “Coming back to yourself – identity and spirit”