Month: February 2019

What if I flow…

What if I just flow… With the wind in the wildest place With water soft as silk the colour of silver With green pine needles fragrant with essence What if I become it… The place where love is the only religion That breathes deep… Continue Reading “What if I flow…”

‘De-railing’ effect in the collective

Do you feel like: You are unable to ground whatever you try Feeling lost, disconnected and disintegrated In doubt of what you need and want Seeking something constantly Unable to find anything that helps Values, believes and morals are being questioned in a big… Continue Reading “‘De-railing’ effect in the collective”

In a storm

The storm rages like I rage Eternal conflict between love and freedom The land encapsulates both And whenever I see destruction of nature both freedom and love die within me and I rage like the wildest sea that despite all life’s chains can not… Continue Reading “In a storm”

Can Nature…?

Can nature heal Can earth bring us back to our knees and pierce its ancient dagger through the heart Can nature teach you who you are Can a bird song inspire, delight and speak of both sorrow and joy Can river wash away the… Continue Reading “Can Nature…?”

Winter time

A virgin bride or a silver-haired crone Who rules the stillness of the white majesty Perhaps both The elegance of lace and ice that envelopes nature brings such quietness, such pause to a restless soul Majestic awe of land covered in white purity Like… Continue Reading “Winter time”