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Reasons we reach for food and nature’s wisdom

Genuine hunger – instinctual us, animal us Meeting an emotional need. Using food as something pleasurable to get away from something painful we are feeling Being stuck in a pattern, a habit, automatic behaviour associated with certain activities This week is all about the… Continue Reading “Reasons we reach for food and nature’s wisdom”

Summer and exposure

As summer energy begins to spread through the land in its blooming attire we have an opportunity to come out, lay bare, expose. Summer is a time for outer expression, exploring potential and examining inner and outer in its full spectrum. As nature steps… Continue Reading “Summer and exposure”

Life and death as one

Not taking risks, avoiding what we perceive as ‘risky’ implies that there’s no freedom in our choices only a stagnant, familiar and constrained. Life imprisoned is like constant death anxiety. Surely the more death is feared the more we should embrace life yet we… Continue Reading “Life and death as one”

Forest overdose

Images: Epping forest copyright RawPagan An interesting memory was triggered within me accompanied by a powerful experience when having been out in the forest all day on a workshop I felt extremely unwell. I began feeling it was too much half way through the… Continue Reading “Forest overdose”

When death comes…

When death comes I will not shudder before its cold stare For I have witnessed bluebell woods at spring time I will not turn my face away from its shadowy presence as my soul remembers the smell of hawthorn flowers Embrace of a child… Continue Reading “When death comes…”