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Forest overdose

Images: Epping forest copyright RawPagan An interesting memory was triggered within me accompanied by a powerful experience when having been out in the forest all day on a workshop I felt extremely unwell. I began feeling it was too much half way through the… Continue Reading “Forest overdose”

My sacred woodland

Across the road from my house there lies a woodland. It is a short pleasant walk into what is a sacred place to me. At first sight it might seem like nothing particularly special, big or of any significance, yet to me it means everything.… Continue Reading “My sacred woodland”

Winter Sun

This year for me is intended to be all about the Sun. My relationship with it, its energetic associations, masculine energy and the quality of Fire. The Sun and I have not been friends I must say due to my intolerance to heat, however,… Continue Reading “Winter Sun”

FOUR seasons of the Psyche Workshop

  I am planning to start running workshops from home in 2017 and this is my first offering. A beautiful, creative, experiential exploration and a journey through the seasons. I am excited to connect with all of you! Full details and information HERE