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Druid path exploration begins

Sadness rose within me and took me by surprise as I was reading words on a page. I felt tears coming up to the surface and my chest froze in deep sorrow. Anger and bitter disappointment followed the waves of deep mourning inside and… Continue Reading “Druid path exploration begins”

Sacred Land Trinity 

Scottish Highlands Snowdonia, Wales Connemara, Ireland I worked with a bereaved client at the beginning of my psychotherapy training called Margaret. She was 83 years old and what a force of nature she was. Such passion for life, such grit, commitment, devotion, determination and… Continue Reading “Sacred Land Trinity “

Th greatest gift of all

A man walked along a deserted beach when he came upon a cave. He heard many stories told that the greatest gift of all lied inside it. With confidence he walked up to the entrance when suddenly the door slammed shut right in front… Continue Reading “Th greatest gift of all”