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Who would I be?

What would it feel like if I had you? Who would I be amidst your wild beauty? A beast brave and strong A delicate flower smelling like heaven Or myself, just as I was born into the skin of this earth How would we… Continue Reading “Who would I be?”

How love heals…

   How love heals  Through the body, senses and heart space love heals As he lays his head on her trembling chest she melts into the knowing of peace, calm and softness  Her sobs subside under the grounding energy of him  Her love ripples… Continue Reading “How love heals…”


   Let’s talk about detachment – a process of letting go off something or someone you previously imagined simply impossible to let go off for the fear of disappearing into oblivion. Possession and control are not heart centred, it is fear driven and fed… Continue Reading “Detachment “