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How love heals…

   How love heals  Through the body, senses and heart space love heals As he lays his head on her trembling chest she melts into the knowing of peace, calm and softness  Her sobs subside under the grounding energy of him  Her love ripples… Continue Reading “How love heals…”

Scattered self and working with the Horned God

Do you sometimes feel like you are fragmented into little pieces, which split off from your centre and you find yourself unbalanced in all areas of your life – relationships, finances, health. Fun also seems to be missing during this time and any attempt… Continue Reading “Scattered self and working with the Horned God”

The King returns

January – the month of masculine energy. Towards the end of December after The Winter Solstice every year I find myself full of ideas and overflowing with creativity. My strong focus and energy around that time is directed towards ‘doing’, manifesting, creating, putting ideas… Continue Reading “The King returns”