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Memories in the snow

I woke up from a dream of being back in my Siberian land. Dreams that take me there are always set in winter. Most of my childhood and youth’s significant events happened in winter and amidst snow and remain the most memorable to this… Continue Reading “Memories in the snow”

Healing Earth

Today I took my sobbing heart to dig some earth With each forward motion I felt my pain release into her rich and warm body I played and felt and digged and squashed the black softness of her flesh in my hands I caught… Continue Reading “Healing Earth”

The opposite effect of nature

When you seek solitude, peace and comfort in nature and pulled into its surroundings sometimes it might feel rejecting, uncomfortable and not what one would expect. It is easy to project our own dissatisfaction with experience onto trees, weather, ground and woods’ inhabitants even,… Continue Reading “The opposite effect of nature”

Discovering your purpose in Nature, communicating with trees and the Elements

I am feeling dizzy and sensing being called into the woods. I am also drawn to reading some spiritual text, particularly on planes of consciousness. I just read the latest blog from Teal Swan and I cried. You can read it HERE. It touched… Continue Reading “Discovering your purpose in Nature, communicating with trees and the Elements”